PComp Final


Hacking a CRT monitor for distorting visuals and making glitch effects.

Project by:
Udit Mahajan
Jaskirat Singh Randhawa


We made 2 electromagnets from  carbon steel rods (~7mm) as cores and magnet wires using a drill.



We tried the electromagnets on the CRT at different locations and finally settled on this orientation because we found the distortion results quite interesting.magsinTVnoise

Then we made a transistor circuit powered by arduino to control the amount of magnetisation on the electromagnets. The voltage being fed to the electromagnets from the voltage source is being modulated with the help of this circuit.F9LKDFGGU7FXUMH.MEDIUMarduino-ckt-300x224arduino1arduino2arduino3


Then we connected the RCA connector from the TV to a Raspberry Pi to get some video output on screen instead of just noise.rpi-224x300



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