Flui – Final Project

Flui (from Portuguese “flow” or “dissipate”) is the visualization of brain activity in the format of dreamy waves.

Screenshot 2014-12-15 03.16.37

Using arduino (with small water pumps) and the MindWave connected by openFrameworks it was possible to a system that responds to the brain activity creating the dreamy effect expected.

2014-12-11 21.38.42-1 2014-12-12 05.40.43

A small amount of vegetal oil was used so the ink would pass through it and slow down creating a better effect to be recorded.

2014-12-12 06.32.05

The system was composed by a glass bowl which receive the waves, three glass jars that held the acrylic paint (dissolved in water so it flows better) and three water pumps connected to the arduino.  2014-12-14 19.49.142014-12-14 19.49.342014-12-14 19.47.02-1

In the end, some ink got stuck in the oil creating also an amazing effect.

Following are some videos of the tests and a final video of documentation.

video by Jimmy 🙂


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