Creative process is never a hundred percent rational. I even risk to say It is sometimes something even Paranormal. I’ve been searching and wanting to incorporate the subjective to the creative process in my projects. Recently the tarot cards came to me and I became so instigated by those mysterious symbols, so I decided to make my final project an installation that translates this magical experience of the reading.

I believe that the tarot can help us to understand a little bit more of ourselves. Like the Rorschach inkblot test, which is a method that some psychotherapists use to understand what’s going on the patient’s mind. Tarot cards are a very interesting way to access this big iceberg that is the subconscious because it relates to our interpretation of visual symbols.
Photo Dec 04, 9 25 45 PM Photo Dec 06, 9 08 49 PM
So I created this kind of altar where I have a projector with an water bowl with two vibration motors attached. Each time the code runs, it picks a random scene between 22 possibilities with three different images. each image rotates in a random speed, random direction and random color change. I used a arduino with a vibration motor that makes the water ripple to make the transition between the scenes.
My next step in this project would be to use a camera to sense a person presence using face recognition and to use the tone function in the vibration motor to make the water ripple in a specific frequency.

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