Final Project – Brain Waves Sleep Pillow

In my final project proposal, I wanted to use Open BCI to create a pillow that measured the user’s brain waves and sprayed the scent of lavender when the brain waves went from delta waves (deep sleep) to alpha or beta waves that people tend to have while awake. The lavender would hopefully have the effect of relaxing the user and putting him or her back to sleep.


However, I ran into a few problems along the way.

1. I was planning to use a servo to spray a spray bottle, but the servo was not strong enough to push the spray bottle button down. So, I switched my focus from spraying a scent when detecting these specific waves to turning on a vibration motor. The new focus of this would be to wake a person up instead of helping them fall back asleep.

2. Detecting other waves, (like delta waves) was difficult. However, I was able to detect alpha waves and turn on a light with the waves. Please see the video below.

So, in the end, I was able to turn on the vibration motor inside of the pillow with a person’s brain waves!

My next steps are to:

1. Detect Beta waves and Delta waves.

2. Write code that smoothes the waves.

3. Write code that identifies a shift from Delta (deep sleep) to Alpha or Beta (waking) waves.

4. Write code that has the light stay on until the user isn’t in alpha (right now it’s a switch that turns on when the person reaches alpha and turns off when they reach alpha a second time).


Test subject and pillow

Thanks to Umi Syam, Karen Chan, Cihang Wang and Mark Geiger for being my guinea pigs with this project!

And thanks to Conor Russomanno and Chip Audette of EEG Hacker for help with Open BCI!


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