Final Project: Self-portrait

1. Concept

My thesis project, Self-portrait is an experimental interactive wearable paper garment for performance, which uses thermochromic pigments, soft circuits, and Arduino connected to my vital signs such as heartbeats or brainwaves.

My concept is all about self-esteem, self-portrait, aesthetic emotions, and human connection. I express my internal feelings and emotions in front of audiences through the garment which means to reveal my true self as the second body instead of myself sealing, faking or hiding behind the technology. Ultimately, I aim to find ways to reach healing moments with audiences through empathy or sympathy.

In this semester, I focused on materials and power tests. Originally, I wanted to connect a Pulse sensor. But, I realized that I need to figure out more specifically emotions and human vital sensors. So, I tried to test out a Neurosky of the meditation Journal that can be concentrated on myself. In this part, Birce and Fito supported me fully. (Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate your help!)

Now, I am still figuring out which sensors are practical for this project, and I need to build clear circuits for aesthetic wearable designs. I learned a lot of weak points and limitations to wearable technology through this project. In my next steps, I will go deeper, and I wish to develop a beautiful paper garment next semester.



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