Final Project Proposal

For the final project, I am going to build an algae carbon dioxide scrubber. An carbon dioxide scrubber is a device absorbing and filtering carbon dioxide (CO2). Some of the usage existing are from industrial plants (filter pollution exhausted) or spacecrafts for astronauts (life support system). I strive to re-purpose this method to be accessible and sustainable within a home setting. This project is not only sustainable, but also adaptable to fit inside of the home environment. By using greener material to filter air, we could possible reduce a higher degree of carbon footprint. Moreover, the fast growing algae can also produce biofuel, as well as food and fertilizer.

Using algae to reduce CO2 is a known algae-based “Carbon Capture Technology”. Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) is a process to capture CO2 from a large source, transporting it to a storage site, and depositing usually underground where it would not enter the atmosphere. Factories and power plants may also maintain their own ACDS to filter industrial pollutants and gases.


Algae-Powered Building in Hamburg, Germany.

Portable Algae-Powered ‘Chlorella’ Pods by Ádám Miklósi

Culture Urbaine  by The Cloud Collective



– Algae culture
– Fish tank
– Water pump
– Air pump
– Plastic tube
– Aquarium heater
– Arduino
– pH sensor


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