Final Project: Recycle Air Plane


Constructing The Plane:

This plane was constructed using empty aluminum cans. The body was constructed from light weight 3d printed pieces. Once the cans were deconstructed, they were flattened and the shapes of wings were cut out of them. In order to fly, the wings needed to be light weight. At first some craft foam and balsa wood was used in the construction. The craft foam was later replaced by the can aluminum for weight.


Building A Circuit:

Next a circuit board was created to power the small dc motor with user input to change the Pulse Width Modulation. At first an Arduino Micro was used with the aid of an HC-06 to communicate with the iPhone using Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the HC-06 was not compatible with iOS. An RFduino, at less then half the size, was then selected for use. Once the circuit was bread boarded out, it was transferred to the light weight proto-board. This board was crazy glued to the framework of the plane.

Building the App Controller:

Using the help of the RF duino app guide, an application was constructed to sent a number (from a range using the slider) to the RF duino. Once received the RF duino then mapped the propeller input to a number between 0 and 255 (stopped to full throttle power). Buttons were placed in the app interface to represent each of these values.


Video Documentation:

Code can be found here.


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