when people are waiting for the elevator in the middle floors( not the top floor or the 1st floor) , many time the elevator they are waiting for has already full of people, and every time, the door of elevator would takes few minutes to opening and closing, besides, stopping at too many floors would also slow down its speed, actually I think we can fix that problem by using weight probe(probably the elevator already had that), when the elevator is full, they would not stop at any Intermediate floors, also the elevator can base on the weight data to speculate how many people inside this elevator, and show the data at the screen on each floor, so people can see how many people should wait besides the elevator door which can also save people much time, because after find out the elevator was full, the waiting people probably have to requeue, sometime, the person who was the first probable becomes the last one in the new line.

and when some people stay in the elevator, the tiny room could become a kind of awkward, I think the reason is that in a tiny room, people stay so closed to each other, some people staying so closed prefer to say something with each other, but usually they don’t have a topic, so I consider that if the elevator could play some soft music or some interesting videos, the awkward situation could be solved.


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