Midterm: The Finger Drums

Title: The Finger Drums

1) Concept + Design + Goal:

The finger drums will be designed to be with visible, audible and touchable functions.

It is an aesthetically artistic item connected with visual sounds on Processing. I design for a person who likes to play by oneself. This can be so easy to play. The function will be able to press 4 buttons like 4 different sound pitches.

I will use a LilyPad board and conductive thread on a glove. I thought the flex sensors were great to create pitches and circuits but finally, I decided to sew conductive thread on the glove. The thumb will be “-” and other 4 fingers will be “+” circuits.

2) Documentation

1. Materials Necessary: Glove, LilyPad Arduino, 1Pink LED, Conductive Thread, Colored Threads, Buttons


2. Sewing buttons on each finger. My thumb connected with “Gound (-)” and my 4 fingers connected with digital pins (+): Pin 5, 7, 9 and 10.

DSC03509 DSC03513

3. Sewing a LilyPad


4.  Sewing conductive threads on each finger to the LilyPad. In this project, I focused on an aesthetic design. So, I sewed threads invisible ways inside.


5. Covering the LilyPad with a button.



6. Sewing a pink LED on the part of the wrist. When (+) and (-) meet each other, then the LED lights on.


7. Ready to play on Arduino and Processing! 🙂


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