For our midterm project, me and Marcos decided to combine two of our coding projects from bootcamp and make a controller for it.

Over is Processing project created by me.  It’s a kaleidoscope with images from the buildings of NYC and is sound reacting. It’s possible to use some keys to change the angle of rotation of the images. Through translation, map and the function pushMatrix() and popMatrix() the images are mapped and copied to other 3 mirrored places allowing the kaleidoscope to be composed.


Marcos’ was a Stereoscopic Slit-scan, which captures 3 frames, tinting them up and combining them in a screen blending mode. It creates a stereoscopic effect using the fourth dimension of time.


So we combined the two processing projects into one and made a controller based on knobs and push buttons.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRenderIMG_0335

We made a rotation and some color distorting knobs, as well as a frame capture button.


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