MIDTERM: Sound umbrella

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 4.58.14 PM

For my final iteration of my midterm project, I created an umbrella that serves as a user interface for a processing sketch that plays a multi-voice poem. I was very interested in the umbrella as an acoustic enhancer and an object that creates a space that is still in the space, but also separate. The umbrella has a speaker attached at the top, which uses the dome shape of the umbrella to enhance the acoustics. The user can play all the tracks, mute and unmute the different voices, record, save, and playback their own vocal track. The interface allows the user to control the crescendo and decrescendo of the recorded poem by subtracting and adding back in voices.

In future iterations, I am interested in pushing the idea of, what is an umbrella?, and looking at designing in a way that subverts or emphasizes one of the answers to that question. Part of this is making the tech largely wireless and no longer an interface for processing.


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