Midterm Project – Feed the Fish – Final Iteration

For the final iteration, I improved the game play. I added a few additional elements, like peppers, that make the fish shrink. The goal is now more clear – to maintain your size (and not get too fat). Otherwise, the fish explodes.

I made the game full screen so it seems more arcade-like and the button starts the game. I also added a playful visual element to the explosion at the end… With a lot of shapes in the fish’s color and a few red ones (assumed to be blood).


inside of the box

I also constructed a box that fits over a laptop and allows the player to turn his/her laptop into an arcade game with a joystick and a physical button. I painted it blue to match the game’s color.


Constructing the box

Photo Oct 23, 9 13 57 PM

Painting the box

Below is a video of the game play!


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