a typeface that reflects the tone of the author.

Understanding what is being said is understanding how it is being said. Writing separates the author from the reader, leaving what was said to be removed from who and how.

A large part of communication comes from a combination of small identifiers: facial gestures, body movement as well as pitch and tone of the words being spoken.

Handwriting is a way to identify personality characteristics. A doctor in a hurry will scribble their signature, while a notary public will be much more careful. An artists signature authenticates the value of the work. Creating this typeface could also be a way to reveal not only the intention of the author, but also a better understanding of who this person is.

With the ease of sending messages in todays world, there is an abundance of text, making who said what that much more difficult to understand.

My midterm will be to develop the framework for a typeface that reflects the tone of the author.


The first step was getting text to shift by an input (mouse pressed) in Processing. The next part will be to get this response to be brought by pitch and tone through a microphone speaker.


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