Midterm Proposal – Feed the Fish Arcade Game

I’m planning to create an arcade-like game with a joystick. A few weeks ago, I had a game called “Feed the Fish” in which a blue fish chomps on baguettes and later explodes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.51.52 PM

In the past week, I’ve worked on adapting the game to work with a joystick. Instead of having the fish follow the mouse on the screen, I have programmed the fish to move with keys on the keyboard. I also added some additional elements, like a visualized explosion of the fish and some hot chili peppers that allow the fish to shrink a bit.


I purchased this joystick from Adafruit and was able to get it to read in the serial port.

photo (8)

Below, I have made the connection between the Arduino joystick and Processing. The black dot on the blue screen will move with the joystick.


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