Midterm Proposal & Final: Sonar Controller

Project: For my midterm I would like to make a physical controller for this web page. Screenshot 2014-10-17 00.43.00 My inspiration comes mainly from the movie Minority Report and the Leap Motion Controller. I am not a big fan of touch screens and I hate it when people touch my laptop screen. The marks and smudges are just terrible. So, I like this solution for directly manipulating what’s on the screen (compared to using a stylus or mouse, trackpad or finger). Things I need:

  • arduino
  • 3 ultrasonic sensors (one for zooming in and out and the other two for moving left and right)
  • LEDs (to give feedback to the user)
  • node.js

Progress: So far I got two 4 pin ultrasonic range sensors to work.Photo 17.10.14 00 40 47 Screenshot 2014-10-17 01.00.47 Next steps involve connection between Arduino and the browser through node.js. Among others I follow this tutorial. If I get everything to work properly, I need to create an enclosing that also works well with the user interaction.


Final Outcome:

In the end it was too hard and not possible in this time frame to figure out how to control this specific website with Arduino and node.js, but I managed to create 3 other interactions with this Sonar Controller.

The websites are created with three.js examples and p5.js.


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