Midterm Proposal

Terrarium monitor



A terrarium is an area within a glass container usually enclosed to keep an ecosystem in a small scale. Within the closed transparent environment, sunlight is still able to penetrate the vegetation causing the water vapors to rise, the vapor is trapped on the roof and drops at night as temperature cools creating a cycle of water.

I have been making terrariums, but I don’t have many successes; most plants died within few weeks. By capturing the moisture and temperature data and the light intensity data, it can help me to understand how effective of keeping plants healthy in a enclosed environment.

Arduino Yun
DHT 11 sensor

I connected my Yun to internet. I collected data from the DHT 11 moisture sensor and a photocell. Every time I push the push-button, Yun will post the data to data.sparkfun.


image-1 Screen-Shot-2014-10-14-at-1.36.57-AM


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